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1. Parenting Seminar – Session 1

2. Parenting Seminar – Session 2

3. Parenting Seminar – Session 3

Shepherding a Child’s Heart

A Seminar on Parenting the Whole Child

September 14, 2013Download a flyer!

Time: 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Cost: lunch, nursery, and youth activities provided with free pre-registration
Space: please pre-register to reserve your spot by following the link above
Location: 3800 E. 15th St., Sioux Falls, SD 57103 at our worship location


Description:  Drawing from the highly informative and relevant book, Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp, Rev. Aalsburg will unfold how to speak biblically to the heart of your child.

This seminar will engage parents of children of any age, giving you the perspective and procedures for shepherding your child's hearts into the pathways of life.

Whether you have children now or hope to later on, these sessions will challenge you to search your own heart, while equipping you both for parenting and your personal walk with God.

We'll be discussing...

1. Getting to the Heart of Behavior
What's more important: change of behavior or change of heart?  Or can we really separate these changes?  The stage will be set for shepherding the whole child, while indentifying and evaluating all the various influences that affect our children? 

2. The Authority and Goals of Parenting
What authority does God give parents over a child?  Are we in charge because we are smarter and more experienced?  Do we have the right to tell our kids to do anything we want them to do?  We will look at the issue of authority and to what end parents should exercise it.  Various inappropriate goals and methods of parenting are evaluated (watch your toes!).    

3. The Discipline of Healthy Communication
Communication.  Communication.  Communication.  Families won’t function rightly without it, especially the parent/child relationship.  If you want to understand your child’s inner struggles, then you need to look at the world through his or her eyes—in other words, you must communicate.  We’ll see that rich communication includes: encouragement, correction, rebuke, entreaty, instruction, warning, teaching, prayer—all of which undergird rules, correction, and punishment.

4. Shepherding from Infancy to Teenager
What about the controversial issue of spanking?  The right uses and abuses of the biblical notion of the rod will be explored, addressing common questions and concerns.  We'll also survey the differences in training infants, children, and teenagers

Note: Please don't misunderstand--Tedd Tripp won't be present. The material covered is derived from his enlightening book Shepherding a Child's Heart.  The lectures are given by Rev. Spencer Aalsburg, whose master’s degree has emphasis in pastoral care & counseling.